Science & Technology of 1940's

Important events that happened in the 1940's with Science and Technology were...

*On May 15, 1940, the Vought-Sikorsky Corporation conducts the first successful helicopter flight. (picture on the left)

*In 1943, earth scientists began to investigate the possibility of weather modification.

*In 1947, Experimental Geneticists and Population Biologists, fused their opposing theories of evolution into a single model known as the evolutionary synthesis.

*A major innovation in applied mathematics during the 1940s was the use of game theory to create models of economic and social behavior.

*The study of carbon compounds, led to the development of synthetic chemicals and a tremendous growth in the American chemical industry.

*The first V-2 rocket, developed by Wernher von Braun, was successfully tested on October 3, 1942.

*The first color television broadcast was a private demonstration by RCA at its New Jersey Laboratories on February 12, 1940.

*At the end of 1947 William Shockley, John Bardeen, and Walter H. Brattain, working at the Bell Telephone Laboratories, developed the transistor as an efficient alternative to vacuum tubes.